Investigating science

Investigating Science is a new science unit that is will be available in 2018 for students who will be in stage 6 in Australia. The aim of this website is to share resources that will help students get the most out of this exciting unit of work.

Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander science connections

image from twitter 

Throughout this course, there are many examples of scientific contributions made by  Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities.

I’d like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners whose knowledge is being shared with us on this webpage.

Please be aware that stories and articles in relation to Indigenous science may contain images and voices of deceased people.


Author: investigatingsciencehsc

I am a high school science teacher in an NSW regional public school. My aim to try and improve the way I communicate science to my students and in doing so help them continue to spark thier curiosity and improve their knowledge and skills in Science.

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